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( Oct. 10th, 2008 02:09 am)
Ok, my gigantic, massive, humongous picspam post is going to have to wait until tomorrow, because I just finished rotating and tagging all my pics on photobucket. 110 just from today's adventure to Longwood Gasrdens.    o.O

But!  WTF?  I've started downloading and watching Bones episodes over the last week, in a desperate attempt to find decent shows to watch.  I really love Kathy Reichs' books, and when it was first on, I couldn't separate the books from the TV show, so I watched the first episode way back when and I've ignored it until now.  But, DAMN IT ALL!!! the effing show has made me (and Ryan, on the "The graft in the girl" ep from S1) CRY more than any other show I've watched in awhile!  Plus, I'm really invested in the characters now.  *sigh*  Once I decided to not correlate the books to the tv show, it's a pretty darn good show!

Ok, I really need to go to bed now.





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