Ok, my gigantic, massive, humongous picspam post is going to have to wait until tomorrow, because I just finished rotating and tagging all my pics on photobucket. 110 just from today's adventure to Longwood Gasrdens.    o.O

But!  WTF?  I've started downloading and watching Bones episodes over the last week, in a desperate attempt to find decent shows to watch.  I really love Kathy Reichs' books, and when it was first on, I couldn't separate the books from the TV show, so I watched the first episode way back when and I've ignored it until now.  But, DAMN IT ALL!!! the effing show has made me (and Ryan, on the "The graft in the girl" ep from S1) CRY more than any other show I've watched in awhile!  Plus, I'm really invested in the characters now.  *sigh*  Once I decided to not correlate the books to the tv show, it's a pretty darn good show!

Ok, I really need to go to bed now.



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is my very favourite show. I haven't read the books, but it helps that Kathy Reichs is an executive producer of the show. You just wait, season three is gonna kick your arse to the Jeffersonian and back.

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Re: Bones

Argh! I'm only on Show 8 or so from Season 2. But I envision myself buying S3. :D

She's one of my favorite authors, actually. And when I watched the show that first time, I was so pissed off that Booth and Bones were so different from the books (i.e. Tempe has the daughter, she splits her time between Quebec and North Carolina, she's not nearly so socially inept, etc...) that I just couldn't watch, even with the pull of Angel being back on TV. It was like if they turned HP into a tv show, but made Snape nice, Harry suave with girls or brainy like Hermione, Hermione a sex pot and extremely popular instead of a bookworm, etc...

Last night was the ep when Bones and Hodgins are buried alive underground in the car and I was just sobbing the whole time.

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Re: Bones

Yeah, I'd heard that. It's part of the reason I haven't read them, I don't want the canon to ruin the show! Which is bad, but I'm sure Reichs knew that when she signed on to take an active part.

That is one of my favourite parts. Booth running to the explosion of dust site is just so so heartbreaking, and pulling her out and holding her. Gah. Even if they never get together, I think their friendship's beautiful.

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Re: Bones


ZOMG, I've watched up through ep 13 of season 3 (where Bones gets her dad out of prison at his trial) *pardon my virtual screaming* AND OMFG, BOOTH AND BONES ARE SO FUCKING IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY! HOW THE EFF HAVE I IGNORED THIS SHOW FOR SO LONG?!?!?!?!?

*snort* My husband's just in love with it as much as I am. The Christmas tree/nasty conjugal visit trailer thing *WITH PARKER, ZOMG* had us both bawling our eyes out (although Ryan's was deep down, of course. ;D )

GAH! Great show!

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Re: Bones


I KNOW! God, I know. Such a good smooch under the Mistletoe!

And now the last episode may just make you hate the show, but stick with it, girlfriend.

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Re: Bones

NO WAI!!!!



Zack is not Gorgonzolla's apprentice! NO!!!

*stuffs head under pillow and refuses to believe it and tries to think of why he's lying/being blackmailed/etc*

We've already started watching S4. :D

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Re: Bones



We just started watching ep 3 of season 4 (the dude in the outhouse, when Booth catches Bones after a 1 night stand), and Ryan's totally upset that they have her sleeping with other men! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! Sorry for spamming you with this, but I am just dying how offended he is that Bones/Booth haven't gotten together yet. :D

He's so "salty", it's not even funny.

*cracks rib from laughing*

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I <3 Bones! It's a fabulous show! I didn't read the books though, so I have no opinion there. But if nothing else, David Boreanaz!!!

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oh, i KNOW!!! Luvs your icon, btw.

But I got pissed off when I first watched it that Booth and Bones were so different from their book characters, that not even Angel could keep me watching. But NOW! Now



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