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I am posting via my kindle, which is interesting to say the least...we're having a blast, buy my dad apparently fell last night when taking out the dogs, and broke his arm in 2 places. :headdesk: My mom is saying for us not to come home early but we might anyway. The guilt is pretty intense, even though it's not our fault and there's nothing we can do other than come home a bit early tomorrow, which we were planning on anyway. :sigh: I hope all is going well with y'all.

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OMG!! How do you post from your kindle?! I have one and I didn't know you could do that!!

That is SICK.

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*snicker* It's a huge pain in the butt. You go to experimental, basic web, and then I typed in www.livejournal.com and then logged in and posted from there. I obviously didn't try to change my icon or mood or anything. They definitely need to upgrade that part a bit and it'll be mostly perfect. :D

My dad's alright...he'd apparently had too much to drink and slipped on one of the steps coming up from his bottom yard back up to the house. We did leave earlier today than we'd planned; we didn't go to the waterpark at all like we'd originially planned, just left after lunch. *sigh* Although it was a good trip all in all aside from him getting so hurt.

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I am really sorry Rach - I feel like an ass. I meant that's sick as in you can post from your kindle. I just went crazy and hit comment when I saw that and didn't even read the rest of your small post. I'm sorry. Super rude of me!

I'm VERY sorry to hear about your Dad and I hope he heals well! I know that's a bit harder for older people. :o(

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Al - please don't worry about it! I knew what you meant, and I'm not offended or hurt or anything.


I'm going to do a bigger post about it tonight at some point. :)

From: [identity profile] author-by-night.livejournal.com

Oh no! *Hugs*

And of course it's not your fault. But it's understandable that you feel bad.

From: [identity profile] rdprice29.livejournal.com

Thanks! *hugs* And I just read your email after catching up on my "skip=360" on my flist...I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to go to B&N with you! I'm still waiting on my copy from stupid Amazon...maybe it'll come tomorrow.

I plan on posting more about my dad and the trip tomorrow...I would've done so tonight, but I only had the energy to get the pics uploaded to photobucket, but not to post them. I'm off to bed!

From: [identity profile] author-by-night.livejournal.com

It's okay! I hadn't seen your entry before, saying that you'd be away - plus, it was a bit of a last minute thought. We'll get together another time.

I hope your dad feels better!


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