Not that I've been feeling much like it lately...

* My former HS classmate who's son was kidnapped by his mother...Apparently, they found him unharmed in NYC with her the day after I posted. According to the paper, she was arrested and he was returned to his father/my old classmate.  I'm assuming that all is well, within reason, although I have serious issue with what sort of person would put their child through a trauma like that.  *suppresses rant*  But I'm glad he was found unharmed and I hope he's given the help that he needs to get through this drama in his life.

* My friend's BIL/another classmate of mine... who is dying of stomach apparently in hospice at his house and has either weeks/maybe months left to live.


Seriously, he's a good guy.  This totally brings me back to when I lost Kathlyn (it was the same week that Tiger Woods won his first Open or whatever ...  [the one where they win the green blazer that's like the "top o' the top' in golf in the US  .I forget the actual name for that tournament;] the girl in New Jersey gave birth AT THE PROM to a baby she then stuffed in a trash can and went back to dancing or whatever and the couple from U of DE went on trial for stuffing their newborn son in a dumpster after giving birth to him in a motel room) and all I wanted to do was give my baby a chance at life (that was practically non-existent) and it seemed like everyone was throwing their babies in the garbage. 

WHY is he dying at 37/38 when he's a GOOD MAN, a TEACHER and lacrosse coach and a productive member of society, who loves his wife and children, pays his taxes and just wants to EXIST, while scum bags who don't give a shit about nuthin are left to roam the earth and fuck other people up.


I am really having a hard time reconciling this, so I maybe quiet for awhile to process...
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